THAAT is the first specialized employer-sponsored childcare in KSA. We partner with companies to customize childcare solutions in order to meet their employees' needs and help further their business goals. With this, Parents can now concentrate with their jobs while being assured that their children are in a safe, secure and nurturing environment.

THAAT CARE HOUSE is designed to:

1. Address client companies constantly changing workplace needs.
2. Enhance and promote employee productivity.
3. Improve employee recruitment and retention.
4. Reduce employee absenteeism.
5. Promote the image of client as the employer of choice within its industry.

A place that brings out happiness and laughter for your child. A destination full of fun, creative and adventurous activities.

THAAT Funhouse is designed to provide:

1. A warm, friendly atmosphere with trained caregivers.
2. A safe and healthy facility.
3. A child centered, non-role stereotyping setting.
4. A variety of activities that support the physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs of the children.

THAAT community provides an innovative early learning environment, based on learning through play, that helps develop the cognitive, socio-emotional and physical skills that will ensure success in their everyday life.

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THAAT executive team, along with its skilled staff will provide you all the necessary training & support, including:

· Coordination of site selection

· Demographic studies & development

· Complete construction management

· Fully outfitting and equipping the nursery

· Staff screening, hiring and training